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We receive many wonderful comments on the quality of our enrollments. Frequently we hear how much appreciated our enrollments are by the families who have received this acknowledgement of their loved one’s life or recognition of a special life occasion.

We are asking our many customers to please send us a note and tell us your experience with our enrollments! Please feel free to send your comments to: massguild@glastonburyabbey.org and we will post to this page so others can benefit from your experience. Thank you!


I have used and loved these enrollments for over 20 years. They are beautifully written and illustrated and I believe have brought much comfort.
Laura, MA

Beautiful cards and enrollments!! Always have comments from people we have sent them to.
Lauri, MA

We are always so happy to have your cards as we need them. Thank you so much.
Sylvia, MA

I find peace and comfort in knowing I am remembered in your prayers and the good you do.
God Bless

Enjoy sending spiritual cards to friends and family.
Joseph, MA

We relay on these enrollments for many purposes. We use the "all purpose" ones and "specialize" them for the need. Very grateful. A wonderful service that has brought comfort to our loved ones for many years.
Laura, NC

They are beautiful and heart warming.
Marie, MA

This is a wonderful spiritual service you provide. Thank you.
Jo, MA

I have many positive comments stating how lovely the mass cards are. People ask me where I got them. Thank you.
Christine, FL

Beautiful cards. So easy to have readily available. Only wish the perpetual enrollments were available in the smaller size.
Rachael, FL

I enjoy your cards and I have been a supporter for over 30 years.
Lucille, MA

These spiritual enrollments are so beautiful. Everyone I have given a spiritual enrollment to is very touched with this gift of prayer for their loved one.
Maureen, MA

We are always so proud to send a mass card from Glastonbury!
Sylvia, MA

It's been too many years to recall but in decades I've been so impressed by every service offered by Glastonbury. It's hard to express my appreciation.
Ruth, MA

Dorothy MA

I have used the enrollments for several years. They are beautiful.
Rosemary, MA

Always grateful to have mass cards on hand.
Patricia, NJ

I have been very pleased for many years, and proud to send your beautiful mass cards.
Marie, MA

Beautiful cards.
Joseph, MA

They are the most beautiful and so convenient.
Donna, MA

While this is an old tradition, I am always comforted to be able to remember others.
John, MA

Your special occasion cards are great to have on hand for those of us who don't get out too often.
Mary, MA

The enrollments I have received have brought the great comfort of knowing that my mother and my friend will be perpetually remembered in prayer. Those I have sent have been received with gratitude.
Marsha, MA

The family I sent this to reached out to say how beautiful it was. I was especially pleased with the picture of the rhododendron that is new. Although the other choices are holier and perhaps more appropriate, I found this brighter and more pleasant to open up. Maybe a few more choices like this would be beneficial.
Mary, MA

Glastonbury Abbey Folders and Cards are both beautiful and spiritual. They provide comfort and blessings to all who receive or send these lovely items. Their designs are works of art and the script, elegant. Our family has been sending Mass Guild Enrollments for nearly 20 years and the quality continues to be excellent. All materials and instructions are provided as well as a phone number with caring, warm personnel to help in any way. We are so grateful for Glastonbury Abbey and their prayers for our loved ones.
Joan, PA